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Welcome To The Healing Women Clinic!

In today's fast-moving world, women are taking on more responsibilities in the family and office. As women, our health changes are constantly influenced by how we sleep, what we eat, mood swings, changes in the monthly menstrual cycle, and cravings. Therefore, women's problems need to be heard with patience and care. That's why healing woman clinic exists. We have the best Gynecologist in Noida who understands your health issues and spend time with you to get the right medical treatment. Our Gynecologist in Indirapuram uses prescriptions only when necessary and puts maximum effort into solving the problem without medicines.

All women experience menopause as a natural process of growth. Menopause means any changes that a woman experience before or after the menstruation stops, indicating the end of her reproductive period. While the average age for menopause is 51, some women can have menstrual symptoms that extend up to 10 years, and some can face these symptoms in their 20s. While menopause is easy for some women, others suffer a variety of symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes, stiffness, joint pain, sleep disturbance, and dry skin. They can also suffer from psychological problems such as irritability, mood swings, anxiety, poor concentration, low mood, etc.

Menopause is a serious problem as women now spend one-third of their lifetime after menopause due to increased life expectancy. We work with the patient to understand their body better and provide personalized treatment plans. Our treatment method includes listening to you and identifying the hormone imbalance through blood tests. We then provide the best treatment plan beneficial to your body without any side effects and give the right prescriptions. Our clinic has all the necessary medications that are required for your wellness in one place.

At Healing Woman Clinic, we believe in making a good impact on women's lives in Noida by providing them advice and best treatments on anti-aging, vaginal rejuvenation, general wellbeing, body reshaping, and much more. Our Gynecologist in crossing Republik Noida can provide you virtual consultations on women's topics such as sexual health, menopause, diet, nutrition, Family Planning, and much more. When you search for the best lady doctor near me, you will come to know about Neelu Agrawal. Our unique clinic has the best facility in gynecology, urology, menopause, and midwifery to ensure that we have all the necessary skills and tools to best treat our patients. Most importantly, our nurses are also women who have seen it all before.

For affordable care, you can search for the best Gynecologist near me with fees and find our doctor. She ensures that you have a well-functioning and balanced endocrine system. By ensuring that you have a well-regulated hormone system, you can feel energetic, positive, and healthy. Hormonal imbalance can cause blood sugar fluctuations, menopausal symptoms, tiredness, motivation loss, depression, lethargy, mood swings, etc. When you look for a ladies specialist doctor near me, you need to find someone who can provide the best relief to all these symptoms. Our women's clinic specializing in menopause ensures that you get the best treatment approaches you are comfortable with and choose the best therapy for yourself.

A mere 10-minute discussion with a doctor is not enough to thoroughly discuss the symptoms you experience in your body and how they impact your day-to-day relationships. We at healing woman's clinic believe that every woman deserves to be heard. Therefore, our unique approach is to provide enough time for discussion with the patient and take them into confidence.

Search for the best Gynecologist near me to find our facility through the internet. You can also call us on our phone number or chat with us online based on your convenience. Our Gynecologist in gaur city Noida extension offers monthly sessions free of cost through online video conferences. This will give women a better idea about their health and the steps they can take to ensure their wellbeing. In addition, we provide dedicated nurses whom you can contact for any follow-up sessions and discuss your treatment.

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Our Services

Infertility Treatment

Doctor Neelu Agrawal has years of experience in infertility treatment. She works with the couple to understand their sexual habits and recommends increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Vaccination For Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV vaccine is used to prevent the incidence of cervical cancer.

IUCD Insertion

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a birth control device placed inside a woman's uterus by the doctor. Our Gynecologist in Noida can help you in IUCD insertion that will protect against pregnancy for 10 years.

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment is a procedure that makes use of medication to terminate a pregnancy. A medical Treatment does not require anesthesia or surgery and can be done at the doctor's office or home.

What our Patient are saying

Rakhi Agarwal

We are very thankful that you were there with us on the journey of our parenthood. You made it amazing and easy going for us despite being the critical situations also. It was because of your guidance and the support of you and your well-trained staff that we were able to deliver a healthy child.

Shreshtha Chouhan

I may be late in appreciating your efforts but how you saved me, and my child was beyond my imagination. When my husband and I lost all the hopes because of my illness, it was you who took all the necessary precautions and saved our little kid. We were at the stage of giving up, but I still thank my colleague, that she recommended your name to me. Else, maybe today also our family would not have been completed.

Anshu Gandhi

I am Mrs. Shreshtha, who delivered the baby girl 1 month back at your clinic. After the efforts of two and a half years, I was able to deliver a healthy baby girl. Honestly, speaking I lost hope of becoming a mother after trying for the 1st year. But thanks that I came to your clinic to give it a try with no faith left. But whatever you did for me is no less than magic, as you have completed my world.

Priya Jain

Thank you very much Dr. Neelu for your extended support. I am glad that I came to your clinic for my wife’s pregnancy. Thanks for all the prescriptions, medications, and the safe delivery of our child. I really appreciate the fact that how you were available for the delivery during the odd hours also. Throughout these 8 months, we never doubted that we are in wrong hands. From regular check-ups,

Priti Chouhan

Thank you very much Dr. Neelu for your extended support. I am glad that I came to your clinic for my wife’s pregnancy. Thanks for all the prescriptions, medications, and the safe delivery of our child. I really appreciate the fact that how you were available for the delivery during the odd hours also. Throughout these 8 months, we never doubted that we are in wrong hands. From regular check-ups,

Rashi Saxena

It would not have been possible for me to deliver a healthy child without the support of Healing Women Clinic. When you already have faced a miscarriage before, then it becomes complicated for you to plan another baby. But the way you guided in the past few years, from the time of my miscarriage to making me believe that I can once again go for the child, I and my entire family are thankful to you.

Manjari Gupta

Whatever, I say to you Dr. Neelu, is really less in front of what you did for me. And still, you are helping my wife to recover from her pain and medical issues. I almost lost my wife that day, but you are a savior for her. We lost our child, but the effort you invested in saving my wife is priceless. I almost thought that I lost both of them, but thanks for the Treatment which you did successfully in such a complex situation.

Kiran Rawat

Hope you are doing fine and wish you all the best for future. I really appreciate doctors like you, who know the right treatment for their patients. In most of the hospitals where doctors or gynae suggests going for C-section, you advised us for Normal Delivery. And this the best thing I like about your clinic, that you people are transparent and do not hide and make people panic.

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